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Voice Direction by

Stevie Vallance


The Ropers

Stevie played regular role, ‘Jenny Ballingers’ on the ABC sit-com, ‘The Ropers’, starring Norman Fell, Audra Lindley and Jeffrey Tambor, 80s.

Tooned In! Workshops

Tooned In! Animation Voice-over Workshops, is Stevie's own brand of 'animation acting', that she has taught in North American cities, since 1995.

R U Tooned In?

'R U Tooned In!?' is Stevie's original online show for kids on YouTube

Stardust Big Band

Stevie was the vocalist for The Stardust '17-piece' Jazz Big Band, 2008-09.

Donkey Kong

Stevie played 'Dixie' in Donkey Kong, 90s.

Jazz Singer

Stevie is a Canadian Recording Artis with 3 independent Jazz CDs (H’art Records). She has performed with jazz masters such as Don Thompson, Kieran Overs, Brian Dickinson, Neil Swainson and Ted Quinlan (photo).

Divas For Life

Stevie was awarded the Friends for Life Philanthropy Award for producing Divas For Life (2 live concerts and CD), at Vancouver's Vogue Theatre, in 2001 & 2002. The Events raised $70,000.

Zoobilee Zoo

Stevie Louise Vallance played 'Whazzat Kangaroo' in Hallmark's Zoobilee Zoo, 1987.

Night Heat

Stevie played regular role, Detective Stevie Brody, in the late-night CBS tv series, Night Heat, 80s.

Slam Dunk Ernest

Stevie played Jim Varney's love interest, 'Erma Terradiddle', in the feature film, Slam Dunk Ernest, 90s.


Stevie played 'Mouse' and ‘Rocky’ on the animated tv series, Reboot (Mainframe), 90s.

Guess How Much I Love You

Stevie cast and voice-directed Guess How Much I Love You (Disney Junior, Home Plate), 2012.

Three Davids

Music by David Frishberg, David Shire and David Warrack, (Dave Young on bass), 2013

Road to Avonlea

Stevie played opposite Christopher Reeve, in episode ‘A Dark & Stormy Night’, on Road to Avonlea, 1992.

Jane Eyre

Alan Lund cast Louise Vallance, in her first professional role of 'Adele', in the Jane Eyre (Charlottetown Festival), 1969-70.

Knots Landing

Stevie played recurring role of recording artist, ‘Sylvie’, on the CBS tv series, Knots Landing, 80s.


Stevie conducts 2-hour conferences with crowds of up to 500 people at the ACTRA Conference, New York's Comic Con, and Ottawa's International Animation Festival.

Wild Grinders

Stevie is the Voice Director on several animated series including 2 seasons of Wild Grinders (Nicktoons), for Tracy Tubera and Bill Schultz (Home Plate Ent), starring Rob Dyrdek, 2012 - 13.


Stevie received a 2002 Emmy Award for voice-directing the dialogue and music on 70 episodes of Disney’s animated tv series, Madeline (DIC). She also voiced Miss Clavel and Genevive (the dog).

Growing Up Creepie

Stevie was Voice Director and voiced 'Gnat', on 52 episodes of Emmy-nominated Growing Up Creepie (Discovery Kids)

Just A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline

Stevie toured western Canada in Just A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline, opened for the Calgary Stampede in '99, and recorded country CD, 'Always' (H'art Records).

Care Bears

Stevie voiced 'Proud Heart Cat' on the original tv series (80s) and then played 'Share Bear' on the Care Bear movies, (2005-8).