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Voice Direction by

Stevie Vallance

Upcoming Events for 2014

Be sure to check out Stevie's FREE on-line Workshops on Stevie's YouTube channel:

Voice-over Buzz Weekly (Awesome Tips for Beginners)

Intro to Animation VO (Animation Acting for Adults)

R u Tooned In!? (Animation Acting for Kids)


Saturday, OCTOBER 21, 2017 @ Studio Loco


1-Day 'Intensive' Animation VO Acting Technique

10 AM to 5 PM

Pay $325 CAN by Interac to toonedinwithstevievallance@gmail.com

Emmy Award-winning, LA Casting and Voice Director Stevie Vallance, is teaching a 7-hour 'intensive' to ADULT character actors who want to master the Art of Animation Voice-over Acting. Her FUN, fast-paced-fall-on-your-butt style makes Stevie one of North America's most sought-after teachers. Experience is not required. A willingness to 'take risks' IS! Light lunch provided.


  • how to create "juicy" original characters
  • what voices studios are looking for
  • how to make $50K+/yr for 4 hrs/wk (union)
  • receive general 'next steps' info
  • audio file of recorded work in class!

Pay $325 CAN by Interac (preferred method of payment) to toonedinwithstevievallance@gmail.com


Pay Pal

2-Day Animation VO Acting Technique + BIZ Workshop

10 AM to 4 PM

Pay $540 CAN by Interac toonedinwithstevievallance@gmail.com

All levels welcome in this 2-Day, 12-hour workshop (includes Day 1 & 2), where you'll learn everything you need to work in Animation Voice-over Industry. While it doesn't guarantee employment, you'll be totally knowledgeable of your next steps in this niche industry, where you can only 'make it' if you're brilliant. As you experience this genre of acting, in the environment of a professional studio, you’ll learn how taking BIG risks is not the same as OVER acting. With this, you’ll gain the confidence you need in order to stop 'holding back' in your auditions. This workshop won't leave you hanging! It'll point you towards your next steps! You'll learn how to approach a union voice-over agent for representation and/or you’ll improve your relationship with your current agent because you’ll be making their job easier. You'll learn how to make your own Demo that's compatible to Los Angeles standards. I'll even leave you with my personal Contact List that I use when casting animation projects. You’ll learn all that you need to learn to break in to this thrilling Industry and stay working! Of course all I can do is give you the ‘tools’. It'll be up to you to use 'em! Light lunch provided. Maximum Capacity: 10 PEEPS!


  • How to be a successful Animation Actor
  • How to get out of your own way and make all of your 'personalities' to work for you
  • How to land the VO Agent you've always wanted (or make your current Agent love you)
  • How to make your own Toon Demo
  • Audio file of your recorded work in class!
  • Exclusive Monologue Workout Booklet
  • Stevie's personal Contact List!
  • Toon Diploma (given ONLY to grads of the '2-Day')

Pay $325 CAN by Interac (preferred method of payment) to toonedinwithstevievallance@gmail.com


Pay Pal

6-Week Toronto Masters Animation VO Acting Workshop Series

with Voice Director Stevie Vallance

Tuesdays (7:00pm - 10:00 PM) *possibly starting January, 2018 -- email Stevie for details!

CAN $1075 (for 6 classes)

Register by contacting ToonedInwithStevieVallance@gmail.com

Stevie has been casting and directing Toons to find their voices for 20 years. The tuition for 6 weeks is CAN $1075 (tax included).

For more on Stevie as an Emmy Award-winning Voice Director visit www.VoiceDirectionbyStevieVallance.com

Class Details
• strengthening your character repertoire
• mic and audition technique
• demo talk
• working as an ensemble cast
• the “ins & outs” of the Industry
• building agent alliance
• Industry Guests and lots LOTS more!

All of your work and Stevie's direction is recorded and uploaded onto your USB-stick (which you provide).

Stevie teaches 2 Masters series a year -- usually in August and January

Contact Stevie to find out more and to get on her Callback List (waiting list) for this epic workshop series

Next 2017 Dates


Live outside of Toronto?
Stevie travels the US and Canada throughout the year teaching her Tooned In! ‘Intensives’. To see if Stevie is planning a workshop near you, stay tooned to the above listings or send Stevie your email so she can add you to her casting database and also add you to her 'secret' Voice-over group on FACEBOOK.

Private Lesson via Skype

USD $200

Pays for 1 hour with LA Casting producer and Voice Director Stevie Vallance. Ideal for one-on-one consultations, developing characters for Demos, or 'final callbacks'! Stevie will hand-pick monologues from her private collection, to suit your Toon-needs!

Note: In order to sign up for a 'skype private' you need to be a grad of one of Stevie's workshops.

Master Skype series

6 Privates via Skype

USD $975

Cartoon Casting producer and Voice Director Stevie Vallance provides Industry Tips and will direct you on custom-picked audition monologues in order to build your character repertoire for demos and auditions. Ideal for 'out-of-towners', the 6 privates span over a period of time that is convenient to your schedule. The sessions cater to your level and will help you develop your versatility and your character range. You and Stevie will meet 'One-on-one' via Skype weekly, or bi-monthly, depending on your schedule. This series is the 'next step' after taking Tooned In! 1-day or 2-day, so that you can build the 'right' repertoire that shows YOU off, and you are ready to record a demo and to 'hit the pavement' running. This is a perfect course in preparation for your 'Toon Demo' (please scroll for more info on Toon Demo Production by Stevie).

Toon Demo Production

USD $2,500.00

Directed by Emmy Award-winning Stevie Vallance and recorded in a professional studio with a sound engineer, Toon Demos feature a variety of distinctive unique characters with full audio sweetening (sfx & music) suitable for obtaining a union Agent and/or online representation.

The Fee for a normal Animation Track is 'all-inclusive'. In addition to Directing the Record session, the Toon Demo Fee also includes 2 privates that are each 2-3 hours in length. Stevie provides scripts and also encourages original writing. The final Audio Master Track comes with your characters already edited and sweetened with sound effects & music so all you have to do is add artwork, duplicate and away you go!

"Great demo lots of variation; nice and short. Tell your students that its a perfect example of what a voice compilation/sample should be." ~ Marsha Goodman

Be sure to check out the DEMO Feedback

Contact Stevie for more details or for a payment plan.